Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Security arrangement is made for motivation to ensure that the data you share with us are ensured. We have incorporated the arrangements and the methods for our work and correspondence to cause you to comprehend about our organization's strategy and protection.

Image Copyright

We (Clipping Path Expert) are specific about the security of our customer's pictures. Every one of the pictures we get from our customers by E-mail or FTP record or cloud server are sheltered with us. We guarantee our customers that we won't guarantee possession on their pictures nor use anyplace else.

We have our own servers (both on the web and nearby) to deal with client's pictures. We have exacting principle of not removing the pictures from the workplace. That is the reason of our workers not to give web association as well. They are given the documents by our server and they present the pictures by the server in the wake of altering. Actually, we don't utilize your pictures to any of the web crawler.

In this way, you can trust us about keeping your picture copyright and keep them private. We never utilize any picture without our customer's authorization. We guarantee you of the security of your pictures.

User Information Collection

At whatever point Clipping Path Expert gets a customer, it gathers some significant data about our customer. We think it is basic to keep the data recorded of both us and our customer for security. We keep data like Address, E-mail, Payment strategy and so forth.

Our workers are will undoubtedly secure the data of our customers. They never uncover any information of our customers to any outsider. We guarantee the customer's information won't be demonstrated whoever visits the site. We gather the precise data and crosscheck them to ensure for presenting the work and charging purposes.

Email Policy

Clipping Path Expert will acquire your email address. In any case, it will never uncover your email to any external gathering. We utilize our customer's email just to make business discussion, input and for installment and so forth.

We may utilize our customer's email to send our ideas every now and then. We never send spam to any messages.

User Browsing Behavior-Web Analytics

Clipping Path Expert accumulates some conventional data. It is accomplished for development, improvement and achievement of the site. We don't uncover the personality of the guests. We track our guests like, what he/she clicked into, to what extent he/she was in our site, which pages he/she visited and so on. The data of the guests causes us to comprehend what guests need. What different things we can do to build up our site. We additionally offer administrations to our customary guests of our site.

We likewise web examination at some point, by which we think about our guests taste. We know the conduct of our guest. We can know whether the guests are drawing in with our site or not. Doing that, we suspect that information that what we can do to change our guest's conduct in a positive manner.

Cookies Policy

There are some little documents we send from our server to your PC, which are called treats. We get the notice each time you visit our site by the assistance of treats. Treats let us recognize what kind of program or pages you visit. Out traffic treat at that point propose you the pages you may like.

By treats we ensure our customer's information and other data. We can access on your PC hard drive once you acknowledge our treats. You likewise can decrease our treat demand in the event that you need. In any case, more often than not the treats get acknowledged naturally except if it is redone. We use traffic log treat to realize which pages are being visited. We discover traffic log treat more advantageous and benevolent instead of some other treat.

We, keep data about our customers, yet additionally we keep data and information of the guests. The treats are consequently sent to the guests with the goal that we comprehend the conduct like what sort of programs they sign into, their preferences. Treats let all that data know.

Tolerating treats is all up to you. On the off chance that you don't need us to get to your PC hard drive and don't need us to let know your needs, you can decrease our treat demand. We give treat to help other people to meet their needs. Regardless of whether you acknowledge our treat, you can quit it whenever you need.

Privacy Policy Updates

We continue refreshing our protection strategy as per the difference in the framework. In the middle of everything, we keep your data mystery. In the event that you need to know any data about our site, you can mail us at . We are constantly here to get notification from you.